About Maximum Turbine Europe

Maximum Turbine Europe Support srl is associated with Maximum Turbine Support Inc. in San Bernardino, California (USA).

MTS supports maintenance centres, plant runners, OEMs and their sub-contractors involved in the Oil & Gas market by supplying spare parts, components, semi-finished goods and metallic raw materials. We can also manage maintenance equipment and handling, on customer’s behalf, outsourcing activities. Our goal is to get your turbine running again as quick as possible providing you spare parts, service or expert advice.


Our responsiveness has made us well known in the industrial sector but our expertise is the reason why customer is calling us. When your needs go beyond replacement parts, call Maximum Turbine Support. With more than 20 years in the industrial sector, our experience can be your best source.

Every part we ship is inspected to ensure the highest quality. We are ISO 9001 certified our quality system makes sure that every part in our warehouse meets or exceeds OEM’s specifications. Every part is shipped with a certificate of conformance and is backed by a limited warranty.

Download:ISO 9001 Certificate